M7, the new spoiler for the Tony Kart chassis

The ultimate in aerodynamic terms, from the OTK Kart Group’s Research and Development Department

The OTK Kart Parts product line reserved for Tony Kart chassis expands with the introduction of the innovative M7 front spoiler

Result of an intense research and development work carried out by OTK Kart Group, the new spoiler called M7 has been designed and manufacture to further improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the M6 fairing line, to which it is combined.

The CFD study, first, and the accurate track tests carried out by the Tony Kart Racing Team, then, allowed to create a spoiler with a new and revolutionary design, able to reduce the aerodynamic drag with a consequent increase in performance, especially on the fastest circuits and with longer straights.

The use of the M7 spoiler by the Tony Kart racing department immediately brought positive feedback. On all, the victory of the first round of the WSK Super Master Series category, right on one of the tracks with the longest straights, the Naples International Circuit, in Sarno (Italy).

The M7 spoiler can be mounted on the whole Tony Kart chassis range, excluding Rookie, Neos and Mini Kid models