The frame


The Rookie EV bare frame has been revised in geometries, compared to the previous model Rookie. The new design was developed according to the information collected on the track by the Tony Kart Racing Team, engaged in the most important races in the Mini category. The aim, right away, was to be able to develop a geometry of the chassis, being able to suit the different conditions of the track.
As for aesthetics / design, however, the sticker kit was revised as a whole, now clearly inspired by Racer 401R, the new top model of the Tony Kart 2019 range.



New, among the revised details of the Rookie EV, the adjustable front seat supports, making the seat assembly and the possible height adjustment easier: they allow a perfect coupling between the supports plate / level and the seat plate / level.

Braking system


The R & D department of the OTK Kart Group completely redesigned the whole Rookie EV braking system. The BSM4, this is how it is called, is now equipped with a 4-piston ergal brake caliper, with automatic compensation of the brake pads wear. This is combined with the new self-ventilated brake disc with dimensions 160 x 10 mm. The braking system is provided with the ergal one-piece brake pump and with brake pipes covered in aeronautical steel mesh. All components in ergal are subjected to a thickness hard anodizing treatment, in order to give the components a considerable surface hardness against wear. Finally, the combined work between the pump and the brake caliper was taken care of with particular attention, in order to obtain a reduced / shorter pedal stroke (very important for the young drivers of the category), but at the same time also a greater distance of the brake pads from the disc.

Technical Fiche
FRAME MATERIAL Molybdenum chrome steel
TUBES Ø 28 mm
AXLE Ø 30 mm
BRAKING SYSTEM BSM4 with Dot 5.0 lubricant
INCLUDED ACCESSORIES Aluminium machined components. Supplied with eccentric washers allowing the camber and caster adjustment and equipped with alcantara steering wheel and 3 litre fuel tank.
BODYWORKS M5 homologated ACI-CSAI and optional CIK-FIA front fairing attack - stickers kit with new graphics design.


30 mm type homologated ACI-CSAI

Tubes Diameter

Single tube both for side and cross pieces


Complying with Mini Kart technical regulations

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