Tony Kart Racing Team

Tony Kart Racing Team is the official racing team of Tony Kart. Born in the 90s, the team has become in the course of the racing seasons one of the most successful teams in the karting history. His prize record counts more than 20 world titles and many other important titles. The Tony Kart Racing Team today attends the world’s most selective and prestigious competitions in the categories recognized by the CIK-FIA.



The Tony Kart Racing Team’s purpose is not only to win for boosting the Tony Kart products, but also to be the first to test on the track the technical material designed in OTK, with the aim to develop and make it perfect. Only after this tough examination on the track, the material goes into the production process. And we do not just talk about chassis, but of all details and accessories shown in the Tony Kart catalogue, OTK Kart Group brand, the true manufacturer.

But not only, the Tony Kart Racing Team is also a breeding ground for champions. Actually the team, thanks to the available resources and skills, is a good educational trainer for the new motorsport talents. It’s like a real academy allowing young drivers to grow and develop their skills in order to pursue their career in the higher racing formula.
Mechanics and technicians, highly professional and competent, have at their disposal tools and unique working methods, designed and introduced in the years of experience on the track. The perfect combination of staff and tools is good for the Tony Kart Racing Team’s drivers to better carry out their track practices.


Thanks to a scientific approach, the Tony Kart Racing Team has developed his own data acquisition system particularly conceived for karting, the Dakton. It’s thanks to this tool that the Tony Kart chassis’ analysis on the track comes to life, but not only. In fact, thanks to Dakton data capture systems, drivers can review and understand their actions during the competitions.


Tony Kart Racing Team also employs any arrangements necessary to have on hand at any track, in any part of the world, the same technical means. We talk about garage trucks equipped with all the devices and equipment useful to perform at best the work on track.


The Tony Kart Racing Team can also benefit from a further service, the hospitality of OTK Kart Group, a real motorhome, point of reference in the paddock for the official racing teams of OTK group and others. This way mechanics, drivers and their families can find support during the race weekends.