• In Le Mans (France) Ardigò was first after the heats, he was relegated for having been disqualified and performed an incredible comeback in the final, supported by perfect material
  • Despite a disqualification and a penalty which humiliated our winning performances we leave the World Championship having shown the high potential of our material
  • The Tony Kart-Vortex chassis of Laurent is Champion of the KZ2 Super Cup
  • Standings

The CIK-FIA World Championship reserved for KZ class, held on the circuit of Le Mans (France), has seen us run by protagonists. The Racer chassis powered by Vortex engines has confirmed once again to be a formidable combination and the events of the race, although did not rewarded us with another title, have confirmed our potential and the technical reliability.
Since the qualifying heats our chassis entered the top positions with Nicklas Nielsen who was the first of our drivers with the third fastest time. Nielsen had his debut in the category with the gear.
Ardigò and Camponeschi got, respectively, the fifth and the ninth time, with a minimum gap.
In the heats Ardigò was particularly effective, using his Tony Kart-Vortex with Bridgestone tires at most, getting two successes and a best lap. The victories have come with both wet and dry track, to confirm the material suitability.
Camponeschi finished the two qualifying races with a third and a second place, scoring the best lap of his second heat (A-C).
The first heat (A-B) was run with rain tires, while the second (B-C) saw all drivers mounting slick tires, although the track proved to be partially wet, especially outside the trajectory.
Just in the second heat, with partially wet track and slick tires, our Marco Ardigò considered desirable to perform a second round of training for safety reasons, so he raised his hand for an extra lap. This gesture, hand raised while the grid was setting, has been interpreted as an indication of a problem.
The heat was then played regularly and saw Ardigò closing in second place but also taking the first position in the ranking of penalties.
When the paddock was emptying, almost two hours after the heat, we had been informed about the disqualification for infringement during the starting procedure.
The disqualification inflicted relegated Ardigò in the eighth row and crushed a technical superiority that we had expressed clearly in the changing conditions.
In light of the decision of the race director of the pre-final starting grid Flavio Camponeschi got an excellent third place and Nielsen tenth.
Aware of the quality of the material and of the strong work in every detail, the Racing Team staff has not lost concentration and projected towards the final stage of the event, the Sunday pre-final and final.
The hard work of the whole Racing Team took shape in the pre-final when Ardigò recovered until the tenth and Camponeschi finished fifth place.
In the final, the technical quality of our equipment, chassis and engine, was enhanced thanks to Marco Ardigò, able to compete in a race that brought him up to miss the world title for a hair’s breadth.

After getting rid of particularly difficult rivals, as only in a World Championship can be found, Ardigò has covered the last eight (out of twenty-two) laps chasing the leading pair, consisting of De Conto and Pex, winning lap times repeatedly (best lap of the final was Ardigò in 53.040), up to bridge the gap. This happened in the last lap and the following bagarre saw us finish third, after a hard confrontation in which the chassis repeatedly bumped.
After the race we got a penalty of 10" because: "The front bumper was not in the correct position when the chequered flag waved and the kart has crossed the line."
The bumper of Ardigò unsecured due to a contact during the bagarre of a race run in difficult conditions.
Flavio Camponeschi remained behind in the early stages of the race, in the tough confrontations imposed to be able to gain one position.
We leave the KZ World Championship 2015 with the perfect awareness of having deployed top range chassis, able of winning, recovering, signing the best lap in the final and still point to success.

KZ2. Laurent Thomas, at the wheel of a Tony Kart-Vortex chassis of Cedric Racing, is the new winner of the CIK-FIA Super Cup in KZ2 class.
The French driver has been at the top during the entire event, showing to have reached a perfect feeling with the circuit and the chassis since Thomas got winning performance in the heats, with both wet and dry track conditions, winning three times, he actually won the pre-final and, as mentioned, dominated the final from the starting grid to the finishing line.
Our drivers Corberi, Fasberg and Piccini performed positively, with the two Italians who finished the final not far from the podium.
Piccini and Corberi, in fact, crossed the line, respectively, in sixth and seventh place, not so far from the third place.

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