• In a World Championship led by our brands made in Prevalle our Novalak (KFJ) and Nielsen (KF) are always at the top and get on the podium, with the second and third place.
  • The World KF and KFJ Champions are Basz and Sargeant on a Kosmic Kart and FA Kart, both powered by Vortex engines and the best world teams and drivers employed material of our production
  • Official rankings of the CIK-FIA World Championships for KF and KFJ categories

Two podiums gained on the occasion of the World Championship, in both KF and KFJ categories with Clément Novalak and Nicklas Nielsen. This is the positive balance of the World Championship which took place at La Conca International Circuit (Italy).
The most important race of the season, even before the start, had to be recorded as a success for our products, thanks to figures that have clearly established, once again, the appreciation of the chassis (and components) we produce, by the teams all around the world.
Numbers were unequivocal and showed that Tony Kart chassis at the track were not less than 38.40% (KFJ) and 31% (KF). In addition, if we consider the other brands of our production (FA Kart, Kosmic Kart and Exprit), the percentages exceed 50% of attendance.
On top of these numbers it is also interesting to note that some big manufacturers deem so valid our fundamental accessories (axles, wheels and fairings) from not being able to do without them.
The amount is fully justified in their superfine quality and it is no coincidence that the two World Champions, Karol Basz and Logan Sargeant, have won driving, respectively, a Kosmic and FA Kart, both powered by the Vortex engine. We wish to send Basz, Sargeant, and their team, Kosmic Kart Racing Team and Ricky Flynn Motorsport team the warmest congratulations for the successes achieved.

KFJ. Clément Novalak after obtaining the seventh time in qualifying heats, won one heat and always ran in the top three positions of the other races leading up to the final.
The strong performance of the heats allowed our driver to start from the front row in the pre-final 1 (one) and ending it in the second place.
The final was characterized by a tight battle between our driver and Caio Collet (Kosmic Kart-Vortex). The battle between the two was solved only on the last lap, in favour of Novalak, excellently second.
As we have already pointed out the world podium saw shining only the brand made in Prevalle and the entire list was strongly marked by chassis of our production, eight were actually in the top ten list.

KF. Even in KF class our drivers Nicklas Nielsen and Marcus Armstrong struggled in the top positions also battling with other drivers at the wheel of material made in Prevalle. An enjoyable and challenging situation at the same time, the latter, for all the Racing Team.
Nielsen ended the world weekend gaining the podium after having being always the leader, with his pole position, after winning three heats and signing two best laps.
Armstrong, too, performed well closing all heats in the top five positions and struggling among the best drivers in the final, finishing the race in twelfth place.
The two Japanese Ritomo Miyata and Seiya Jin, at their first world championship experience, have worked constructively throughout the whole event and Miyata has also entered the World Cup final.

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