• A year of victories for the Tony Kart Racing Team, our partners and the whole company
  • The victories obtained in KZ, KF and KFJ categories in brief
  • The results on the track came always next to results that have enhanced the sporting success

The season that has just ended has a double key to the Tony Kart brand. On the one hand there are the results obtained by our Racing Team and on the other those achieved with the chassis we produce, teams and drivers.
In both cases the balance is flattering and makes us particularly proud of the work done by our official racing team and the by the fruitful work that our team partners play. All this has been possible thanks to all those who work in our factory, in which company, unique in the world, we design, develop and manufacture chassis, engines and accessories. And with this material we approach the tracks around the world, gaining unique achievements.
So the numbers summarizing our racing 2015 are synthetic but explicit and speak for themselves, enhancing the technical value of our Racer 401 and Krypton 801.

KZ. In the CIK-FIA competitions the success came in the premier class, KZ, where the Tony Kart-Vortex centered a formidable double win in the European Championship with Camponeschi and Ardigò. In the three continental competitions the Racing Team has put on board two wins and two second places.
A KZ lead, which was constant over the entire season and was made possible thanks to the combination with the magnificent Vortex RVZ engines. Constant top results that allowed us to get on the top step of the podium in the WSK Gold Cup in Adria (Camponeschi), WSK Super Master (held on 4 races) and WSK Final Cup, both of the last two won by Marco Ardigò. Not be forgotten is also the decisive victory at the Winter Cup and Bridgestone Supercup, where in addition to the success in KZ class we also won in KF (Nielsen) and KFJ categories (Lundgaard, Ward Racing team).
The only disappointment came on the occasion of the World Championships at Le Mans, where we ran, especially with Ardigò, as absolute leaders. The events of that weekend prevented us to repeat the 2014 success, within our reach, but the technical value shown clearly emerged and everyone recognized him.

KZ2. In the other category with the gearbox, the KZ2, there have been results of absolute value. First with Fasberg and Corberi in the European Championship, with the first one that has gained the success in the opening round, in Sarno (Italy), and with the young emerging Corberi that has always struggled in the top positions. The pearl of the season came with a victory in the CIK-FIA International KZ2 Super Cup competition, obtained from the team Cedric Sport with Thomas Laurent, ruler on the circuit of Le Mans (France).

KF. The achievements obtained in WSK races were extremely important for the World Championship which took place in La Conca (Italy), the race in which Nielsen took the pole position and finished on the podium, in third place. The world championship, it should be stressed, was won by Basz at the wheel of a Kosmic Kart-Vortex.
During the season our Racing Team did not miss the opening races of the season, WSK Champions Cup (2 races), Bridgestone Winter-Supercup and Super WSK Master (4 races), all trophies won by Nicklas Nielsen.
In the European CIK-FIA Championship of KF class the most indelible memories of the three rounds is the great victory achieved by our Marcus Armstrong in Kristianstad (Sweden), at the end of a weekend particularly hard for our New Zealander.
Our victories have been extended until the Far East with the prestigious CIK-FIA Asia Pacific, won by Haruyuki Takahashi, Tony Kart Racing Team Japan.

KFJ. The young drivers at the wheel of Tony Kart-Vortex chassis, or other chassis made in Prevalle, were the absolute protagonists of the season. We have to mention the World Champion Sargeant who confirmed the success for the Ricky Flynn Motorsport and FA Kart-Vortex. In the World Championship the second place went to our Novalak while the third one was gained by the Kosmic Kart-Vortex of Collet, who has completed a podium where the only technical essence is of our factory.
The sequence of wins extends to the European Championship, won by Lundgaard, at the wheel of a Tony Kart-Vortex of the Ward Racing, already winners of the Winter Cup and WSK Gold Cup.
Our Racing Team succeeded with Novalak in the WSK Super Master series (4 races) and contended other WSK titles to other teams with our own material.
The last part of the season saw our young driver Milesi on the podium in the WSK Final Cup, won, not surprisingly, from the Tony Kart-Vortex of Vesti, lined up by the Forza Racing team.