Pleasure of driving, performances, safety, and reliability are the main features of the new kart for the rental market, both for indoor and outdoor tracks.

The Tony Kart Viper is the first product by the OTK Kart Group entirely dedicated to the rental karts market. The new kart is sharing the same high quality, manufacturing and performance standards of the whole production of the group. Even the new-born marked Tony Kart is actually respecting the “DESIGNED, ENGINEERED, MANUFACTURED, 100% MADE IN OTK, ITALY” philosophy.

Viper is the result of an intense work carried out both in the planning stage and in terms of development by the R&D department of the OTK Kart Group in order to obtain a product, able to guarantee top performances, pleasure of driving and, at the same time, reliability and ease of use.
The search for weight limit was an important feature in the design phase to obtain a performing and drivable vehicle. While several rapid maintenance solutions make work easier even for less experienced operators.

A long period of testing has led to the definition of driver protection systems. The Tony Kart rental kart is introducing a double safety system onto the market: a perimetric protection realized in polizene combined with an innovative system of polyurethane shock absorbers.
Besides these solutions, also the damped steering column, minimizing the repercussions of any possible impact on the driver’s upper limbs. On the other hand, the possibility of setting up the Roll-Bar complete with safety belts is available as an option.

Concerning driving comfort, the Tony Kart Viper has a quick control for adjusting the pedals and the seat so that it can easily adapt to the different heights of drivers.

The kart has been designed to offer maximum performances on both outdoor and indoor tracks, while maintaining safety and pleasure of driving unchanged.

Main features:

  • Adjustable pedals
  • Adjustable sear with reinforced structure
  • Damped steering column
  • Perimetric protection in polizene
  • Shock absorber in polyurethane
  • Chain drive or belt drive with stretcher
  • Cut-off system preventing from accelerating and braking at the same time
  • Braking system with floating caliper with 2-pistons stroke recovery, hydraulic brake pump with oil tank, self-ventilated disc, quick brake pads change system
  • Honda 200/270/390 cc Engine
  • One-piece aluminium wheels
  • Floor plate in stainless steel
  • 40 x 5 mm Axle
  • Reinforced stub axles
  • Brake protection slide and sprocket
  • 9 liters storage tank


  • Stickers, customized kit
  • Roll-bar with safety belts
  • Seat in fiberglass
  • Remote control
  • Weights support box
  • Seat reducer