The great job our team did on the occasion of the WSK Final Cup was featured by unlucky events preventing us to succeed, in KZ1 category in particular. By the way a double success was obtained by two drivers running a Tony Kart chassis, Nielsen in KF3, with the Tony Kart Racing Junior Team and Travisanutto in the 60 Mini category. 
By observing all Tony Kart’s drivers, in any category, it is manifest on how final results in  the WSK Final Cup were compromised by really unlucky events.

In KZ1 category qualifying heats were run on a wet track and Ardigò got the third position while Hajek, Orion Racing’s driver, the fourth’s. 
Rounds were featured by the supremacy of our Racer EVRR chassis, powered RVXX with Hajek first in all the three rounds and Ardigò conquering two times the third position. Also the best laps see our Rick Dreezen with the best timing 1:00.014, and the third one the Tony Kart-Vortex of Hajek, winner and author of an excellent 59.689. 
Top performances go on in the pre-final with Hajek, running from the pole position and winning once more the best lap in race with 59.521. Ardigò takes the fourth position, fighting for the pole.
In the very final, the destiny of the competition seems not to turn in our favour.
Hajek at the sixth round takes the first position thanks to a perfect overtake on Lammers. The competitor’s replies with a collision, where Hajek gets the worst of it and runs over the kerbs of the last chicane, losing this way his good position. Next step of this race sees Hajek obliged to withdraw because of a casual collision with Ardigò. Due to this, the third position in the Final, conquered by Ardigò, is not reflecting our chassis’ potential, anytime during the weekend.   

KF2. The rounds in the cadet class gave quite evidence of the high-quality standards of Tony Kart chassis, which allow our partner-teams to obtain good results. So, in the six qualifying rounds, Tony Kart’s drivers crossed the finishing line not less than five times.
Three victories were obtained by the Italian driver Di Folco (Millenium Motorsport), and one success each was for Orudzhev (Ward Racing) and Fuoco (Morsicani Racing). The other round were won by the Kosmic Kart of Tang (Kartronix International).
In the best-lap’s list, Racer EVRR drivers are also winning, with the Russian Korolevskiy, Komarov team, who signs the best rounds’ perfomance with 1.01.027.
In the pre-final the starting grid’s first row is Tony Kart at all, with the couple Di Folco-Orudzhev. Unfortunately the Italian driver, though first position at the finishing line, got a penalization of 8’’. Orudzhev, too, was unluckily pushed out at the first “S” and was then forced to run from the last position. The final saw the Russian driver Orudzhev, from our partner-team Ward Racing, realizing a very good recovery from the end to the absolute third position.

In KF3 category the young Danish driver from our Junior Team, Nicklas Nielsen reaches a deserved success, at the end of a fantastic comparison. 
Amongst the large group of drivers running with Racer EVRR chassis, the outstanding ones have been Karpov (Team Komarov), Lorandi (Team Baby Race) and the winner Nielsen.
The debut for the Japanese driver Makino Tadadsuke, running with our official colours, was really positive, entering the top-ten list at the end of the round without any troubles. 
The podium for the cadet class was completed by the excellent third position of the other Tony Kart’s Russian driver, Karpov. The youngest class, Mini, saved a big surprise for us with the success of the Italian driver Lorenzo Travisanutto (DEP Competition).



At the Abruzzi International Circuit some drivers employed “ultra-light” carbon fiber accessories. Such components, made in composite material, are part of the “Carbon fiber components” range of products, including the footrest, the front brake lever, the integral chain guards, the chassis frame, the PI instruments’ support, the battery support, the MP4 spoiler support and all exhaust supports as well the chain guard’s.