Nicklas Nielsen at the drive of a Tony Kart Racer EVRR chassis powered by Vortex RAD engine led the CIK-FIA Asia-Pacific championship held in Macao.
Flavio Camponeschi, KF1 category, after obtaining the pole position just missed the success while running in the leading positions.

Since the qualifying heats, in KF3 category, the Danish driver Nielsen gave confirmation to have found out the best set-up for his chassis, and missed the pole position for just 62 thousandths only.

In the qualifying heats Nielsen was the leader twice and signed the best-lap timing in all three competitions.

Alessio Piccini, too, ran greatly obtaining the third position at the starting grid in the final.

And the Final itself has been the right opportunity for Nicklas Nielsen to show the important technical potential in his hands as well as the feeling with his chassis. The young driver, after retiring from the pre-final because of the damages in a collision, got very good timings again and again and deservedly won the Asia-Pacific competition in KF3 category. 

Piccini, whose performances led in the hope of a podium, was slowed down by a collision incurred at the beginning of the race.

Other drivers running with Tony Kart chassis too, who had good chances to get on the podium, were stopped by accidents during the first, exciting, rounds.

Particularly Shiraishi and Chang lost any chance to get on the podium because of the hard fight during the first rounds.

In the final, Shiraishi started in the first row and Chang next to Piccini in the second one. On this occasion too, the Racer EVRR chassis’ good performances were also manifest, over a track with long and fast bends, and with an asphalt changing its grip conditions by the going on of the event.  
In KF1 category Flavio Camponeschi signed the pole position by a fantastic 47.118 and in the rounds he always led the top positions, particularly in the third and last qualifying round.

Armand Philo performed well at his début in the master class, obtaining the fourth timing in the qualifying rounds and ending up the very final close to the podium, in fourth position.

We just missed the title with Camponeschi in the final moments of the race. Our driver was the leader until a banal inconvenience prevented us to win again for the second time, after last year’s success in the Asia-Pacific competition with Marco Ardigò.

In KF1 category, other than Philo, the Japanese Takashi Kasai, coming from KF3 class, also had his début gaining a sixth position and showing off very good driving skills.

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