After the two successes at Lonato, our Tony Kart Racer 401 RR also wins in the round 2 of the WSK Super Master Series, staged at the Franciacorta Karting Track, with two victories (in KZ2 and OK) and other pole positions in KZ2 class and in the MINI U10 (with the Rookie model)

Our Tony Kart Racing Team is not satisfied in this beginning of the season, after the brilliant double success in Lonato. In the second round of the WSK Super Master Series at the Franciacorta Karting Track, the Tony Kart Racer 401 RR leads the scene in KZ2, equipped with the VTZ engine by Vortex. Excellent performances also in the OK and OKJ categories, once more with the synergy of the engines of the OTK Kart Group "engine division". Outstanding results were also recorded in the MINI Gr.3 and MINI Gr.3 U10 classes, with the Tony Kart Rookie-Vortex VTM pairing.

In KZ2, an absolute masterpiece by our Tom Leuillet. Since Friday, the French driver shows to be the man to beat. In fact, he obtains the pole position in the qualifying heats followed by two victories and a best lap in the qualifying heat, the leadership at the end of the heats and another success in the A pre-final. In Sunday's final, Leuillet burns his rivals at the traffic lights off and, with a series of fast laps, goes straight to a solo victory under the chequered flag, with a lead of over two seconds over the first chaser.
Good results also for Jean Luyet and Norton Andreasson, who were able to improve their ranking positions during the qualifying heats and also in the final. The Swiss driver hits the Top 15 in the last race of the weekend, while the young Swedish driver distinguishes himself in the A-B heat thanks to a third place. Little luck, on the other hand, for Samuel Luyet and Alexander Gubenko, who stopped in the pre-finals.

In a category that sees the double win of two Tony Kart Racer 401 RR chassis powered by the Vortex VTS units, James Egozi continues the excellent path undertaken in OK, after his victory in the first round at Lonato. At the end of the qualifying heats, where he also achieved a podium, the American takes a position in the Top 10. In the A pre-final, then, he conquers a useful third place to further improve his ranking. In the final, Egozi is good at managing the race and finishes seventh, a result that allows him to confirm his leadership in the championship.
Luigi Coluccio also shows off in the Lonato event, starting from the qualifying heat with two Top 3 positions. Unfortunately, a stop in the first heat changes the Italian's plans: but despite this unforeseen event, Coluccio does not give up and, in the final, he gains several positions until reaching the Top 15. Jan Przyrowski and Arthur Poulain, who are growing more and more in each race, also reach the Sunday's final.
Sebastiano Pavan and Zoe Florescu Potolea work closely with our Racing Team throughout the weekend achieving good results in the eliminatory heats.

In OKJ, our drivers shine in the final thanks to a series of comebacks and overtakes. Starting with Kirill Dzitiev, able to climb 10 places in the ranking compared to the start and to finish sixth, after having made his way through the qualifying heats with two Top 5 places. Scott Kin Lindblom also collects important performances: he gains two victories, a second place and a fastest lap in the eliminatory heats, while in the final he gains 8 places and finishes right behind his teammate Dzitiev.

Davide Bottaro starts very strongly, finishing second in his group in the qualifyings and three times third position in the qualifying heats. However, an unlucky stop in the pre-final forces the Italian to start from the back in the final, but despite this, he inflexibly overtakes one rival after another and even comes close to the Top 10. Alp Hasan Aksoy also records a stop in the qualifying heat, but the winner of the first appointment at Lonato does not give up and even recovers 19 positions in the final race at Franciacorta.

In the MINI Gr.3, Ludovico Mazzola opens the second round of the championship with the third best time in his qualifying group and collects two second places on Friday and Saturday. A few brawls penalise the performance of the Italian driver, who is nevertheless able to fight in the final for a place in the top ten. Ilie Tristan Crisan also constantly occupies the top positions and even scores a third place in the B pre-final. Unfortunately, the Canadian driver raises the white flag in the penultimate lap of the final, just during the fights for a place in the Top 5. Pole position overall in the qualifying and two podiums in the qualifying heats, on the other hand, for Sebastian Eskandari-Marandi, in the Mini Gr.3 U10. The Australian is leader throughout the weekend. Unfortunately, a penalty in one heat (for the incorrect position of the front fairing) forces him to start behind - compared to his potential - in the final: Sebastian nevertheless manages to perform a comeback of seven positions that takes him into the top 10, in ninth place.

After the round in Franciacorta, the WSK Super Master Series will move to the Naples International Circuit (March 3rd – 5th). The Tony Kart Racing Team will be on track in all five categories: KZ2, OK, OKJ, MINI Gr.3 and MINI Gr.3 U10.