The virtual tour of the OTK Chassis Division, where the Tony Kart chassis are born

A journey inside the OTK Kart Group, in the Prevalle (Italy) factory, to discover, thanks to exclusive images and previously unpublished information, how our racing karts take shape

How is a Tony Kart born? Find it out through an exclusive guided video tour inside the Chassis Division of OTK Kart Group that - in its Prevalle headquarter, in the district of Brescia (Italy) - designs and manufactures the "green chassis" and all the components of the OTK Kart Parts line.

The video tour will allow you to get to know and appreciate the "Designed, Engineered, Manufactured - 100% Made in OTK" philosophy, at the base of each model of the Tony Kart range. In fact, our racing karts have always been conceived, designed and manufactured within our group, allowing us to have complete control over the entire production chain. This approach grants a continuous enhancement of the quality and precision standards of our products, meeting the needs of the ever-increasing market demands of more than 90 countries worldwide.

The R&D division where any single detail of each of our products is designed, the largely automated and robotized production as well as the reliable and constant quality control process that go along with the entire manufacturing process of our racing karts are just some of the unique features of the Tony Kart chassis production. Find them out by watching the "factory tour" of the OTK Kart Group’s Chassis Division, available on our YouTube channel.

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