The Tony Kart Racing Team 2024 line-up unveiled

Our Racing Team anticipates next season with the announcement of the 22 official drivers (divided in the categories MINI, OKJ, OK and KZ/KZ2) who will be involved in the main international competitions.

A few days left at the of 2023, but the Tony Kart Racing Team is already looking at the season 2024. Our team is ready to come back in action and, waiting to announce the sporting program, it is glad to announce the drivers line-up. Our 22 color bearers will go on track with the chassis Tony Kart Racer 401 RR (in the categories KZ/KZ2, OK and OKJ) and Tony Kart Rookie (for the MINI), both powered by the Vortex engines, the engine division of OTK Kart Group.

In KZ/KZ2, Tom Leuillet will be again our reference point in the gearbox kart category, together with his teammates Lorenzo Camplese, vice world champion in KZ 2021, and Alexander Gubenko. Marijn Kremers, world champion KZ 2019 and European champion KZ 2020, comes in addition to the three drivers, together with Nicola Rossini (winner of the ROK Cup Superfinal 2022 in the Shifter ROK category).

In OK, Sebastiano Pavan has been confirmed again after an always growing 2023 season, that ended up with the victory in the last round of the WSK Final Cup. The Italian will find his teammates David Walther (author of a podium on his debut in Sarno, during the WSK Euro Series, with our Racing Team), Kai Rillaerts, Thomas Quincé and Tiziano Monza, who have already been the protagonists of the last races during the just ended season with the Tony Kart official colors. Furthermore, we welcome Xavier Avramides (at the second year in the category) and the rookie Xiaoyu Sun.

In OKJ, Scott Kin Lindblom, third at the FIA Karting World Championship OKJ 2023 in Franciacorta, renews his commitment with our team, which will also have at the start for the third consecutive year the always fast Maria Germano Neto. Winner in Lonato del Garda for the WSK Final Cup, Sebastian Lehtimaki is ready to compete in his first full season with the Tony Kart Racing Team. Scott Marsh will be in the team again, while Ilie Tristan Crisan will debut in the category, after defending our colors in the MINI. Finally, Joel Pohjola is the new entry in our drivers line-up.

Our activity in the MINI continues, after the numerous satisfactions achieved during 2023. The trio formed by Leonardo Gorski, Achille Rea and Oliver Sini will welcome the new entry Henri Kumpen.

Drivers line-up Tony Kart Racing Team 2023:

Leonardo Gorski (Poland)
Henri Kumpen (Belgium)
Achille Rea (Italy)
Oliver Sini (Indonesia)

Ilie Tristan Crisan (Canada)
Sebastian Lehtimaki (Finland)
Scott Kin Lindblom (Sweden)
Scott Marsh (United Kingdom)
Maria Germano Neto (Portugal)
Joel Pohjola (Finland)

Xavier Avramides (Australia)
Tiziano Monza (Singapore)
Sebastiano Pavan (Italy)
Thomas Quincé (France)
Kai Rillaerts (Belgium)
Xiaoyu Sun (China)
David Walther (Finland)

Lorenzo Camplese (Italy)
Alexander Gubenko
Marijn Kremers (Netherlands)
Tom Leuillet (France)
Nicola Rossini (Italy)