Flavio Camponeschi is the CIK-FIA World Champion 2012. Our driver won one of the six FIA certified world titles that are the F1, WRC (World Rally Championship), WTCC (World Touring Car Championship), GT1 World and WEC (World Endurance Championship). Camponeschi gained the world karting title in the final competition held in Macao but author of a great championship in the whole season, leading the ranking from the first to the last round. Our driver won three competitions out of eight, got a second place twice, one time the third one, reached one pole and one best lap in race. By following this path the title came with an apparent easiness.

Flavio tells us the exciting moments before the world title for KF1 category.
 “The whole championship was particular since it took a lot of time, the first four rounds in Suzuka were run in May while the final competitions took place at the end of October. After the Japan race, on which occasion I won three out of four rounds I was really happy but all the engagements I had in the middle requested a lot of concentration and so during summertime I did not think much about the World Championship”.

As you got closer and closer to this Macao’s competition could you concentrate again?
“Of course yes and I was really concentrated and determined when I reached Macao. I knew the track already since I ran my World Championship there (it was a single race) in 2009. That was my first World Championship in KF1 category and even if with bad weather conditions, wet asphalt and rain, I did a pretty good performance.”

At that time you were a rookie of the category. This year you had all eyes on you, for being the favourite.
“I was calm and could feel a little excited but I was aware I had anything to win. I had points ahead in the championship and a fantastic team supporting me at best with the perfect technical material and of course, I could count on my abilities. I did not miss anything to give the maximum”.

What did you think about when your engine (for an electrical default) did not start for race-1 and you had to watch at the race from the box then?
“It could be strange but I did not have any negative thought. I never thought to lose the championship!
Paradoxically I was lucky when the engine stopped. I could reserve tires at all and could totally take advantage of my chassis in race-2”.

Right in race-2 you put a sort of mortgage on the world championship, recovering from the last to the second position. Other rivals who stopped and had new tires, like you, did not have a performance as good as yours.
“As I said before I had everything to perform well. Since the free practices I ran in the top-positions and in the qualifying heats I got a second best-lap in race. My kart had a perfect stability and in race-2 I did my best to win. Unfortunately I did not succeed, I overtook many times and I risked a lot but with a second place I gained good scores and for me it was like saying we were there, stronger than ever.

In race-3 another misfortune, an accident when leading the race prevent you to run to the victory and forced you to lose time and go on fighting.
“Unfortunately they hit me at the first bend. Afterwards, when I started again in the middle of the group I could not do a lot but drive concentrated to recover and win the world championship. I recovered and I virtually won the title.”

In race-4 another collision prevented you to celebrate with a victory. At the first bend you were pushed off the track and once more you had to start again your recovery.
“It’s like this. I am sorry since we could even win one competition, deservedly, at Macao. Anyhow, in race-4 we were focused to the final goal only, in other words to win the world championship. I ran with agility I did not run any risk and won the title. This was the only important thing.”

What did you think about while crossing the line and becoming the World Champion?
“I was very happy. I thought about many things…. About the team and Mr Robazzi, about my loved ones…”

It was a great party. Did you celebrate together special fans too?
“My family was in Macao, my mother and my brothers, Andrea and Giorgio. Having them there with me made my success even more special.”

You gave Tony Kart the success number eighteen. This result has been obtained along with the debut of the new Racer EVK models.
“Undoubtedly it was quite a nice thing to succeed with our new EVK model.
This model includes important technical innovations, even if for me it was not a real newness since I could test them and cooperate in their development. The chassis is equipped with new components allowing to drive with more comfort.”

What are you going to do now?
“I have the fortune to work in the Racing Team, next to the staff I share my engagements with, Since quite a lot of time we are working on the Vortex engines for the 2013 season and all the spare parts. We are thinking about our next season already.”

What will you do in 2013? What are the KF3 World Champion’s engagements?
“The most important thing for me is I will still be a Tony Kart-Vortex driver. Other than this we did not define our schedule yet. Once anything will be decided, we’ll make it official. I said already the most important thing is I will run with this team, the Racing Team again.”