Tony Kart Vortex supremacy at the first round of the World Championship KFJ at Sarno and victory of the CIK Super Cup

  • On the occasion of the first round of the World Championship for KF Junior run in Sarno (Italy), Tony Kart chassis achieved the first three positions.
  • The winner is Pulcini, ahead of Lorandi and Shwartzman.
  • The heats were won by drivers running with chassis manufactured by us
  • In the final for KFJ category the supremacy of both Pulcini and Lorandi at the drive of a Tony Kart chassis was not at issue.
  • Mazepin, Betsch and Aron performed very good heats. Because of some accidents our three drivers could not aim at gaining the top positions
  • In the CIK-FIA Super Cup for KF category we lead the competition thanks to Karol Basz, author of the pole position and winner of two heats, the prefinal and the final’s.
  • Official rankings

The first World Championship’s round for KF Junior category will bear over the history our unforgettable brand: Tony Kart-Vortex.
At the International Circuit of Naples (Italy), the first round out of two of the World Championship for KFJ was won by Leonardo Pulcini, at the drive of a Tony Kart-Vortex chassis, while the second position was gained to another very young driver, Leonardo Lorandi, driving a Tony Kart, too. The Tony Kart of the Russian driver Robert Shwartzman completed the podium.
Our three drivers, Mazepin, Betsch and Aron fought for the title but unluckily they all had to withdraw because of some accidents.
In the CIK-FIA Super Cup competition, the one-shot race that was run next to the first round of the World Championship for KF Junior category, the leader was our driver Karol Basz, at the end of a thrilling fight against the Kosmic Kart-Vortex driver Nicklas Nielsen. The FA Kart-Vortex chassis of the British driver Martin Kodric then completed the podium. This way, three of our brands were on the podium, Tony Kart, Kosmic Kart and FA Kart.

Since the qualifying heats it was clear that the most chances of success were in the hands of those drivers running a Tony Kart chassis, or whatsoever chassis manufactured by us.
The Russian driver Shwartzman signed the pole position and in the heat our chassis achieved an important record, with fifteen victories of the heats out of fifteen! The success of the drivers running with our material and taking Tony Kart at the success are the following: Daniel Ticktum and Jehan Daruvala won with a FA Kart-Vortex, Robert Shwartzman, Leonardo Pulcini, Leonardo Lorandi and Nikita Sitnikov. Moreover the Kosmic Kart’s success came thanks to Matteo Raspatelli.
Summarizing, in the heats Tony Kart got nine victories, FA Kart five and Kosmic Kart one.
In the two prefinals our supremacy stopped for a while and “only” Lorandi, at the drive of a Tony Kart chassis of the Baby Race Srl team, was able to win the prefinal 1.
The very final was led by the Tony Kart “green” colour, with the whole podium took up by drivers running the RACER EVK chassis. Pulcini, Lorandi and Shwartzman were respectively the three drivers getting on the podium of the first round for the KFJ category.
Our products’ presence goes on incessantly, beyond the podium and if we have a look at the ranking we see not less than fifteen Tony Kart (44,1%), six Kosmic Kart (17,6%) and five FA Kart (14,7%) chassis, for a total number of 76,4%!
Our supremacy is also clear if we consider the quality and the importance of our Vortex engines too, which were employed on over 52% of the finalists, amongst them also the winner Pulcini.
Unluckily this important result has not been accompanied by a good competition for our three official drivers who all the three of them had to withdraw because of some accidents.
Nikita Mazepin, Mick Betsch and Ralf Aron, showed off a good performance and could obtain at the end of the heat, top positions.
In the prefinal Betsch, while recovering until the seventh position was involved in a collision. He then crossed the trajectory of his teammate Mazepin and went out, not able to recover anymore for the numerous positions lost. Mazepin performed a very good weekend and could gain the third two at the starting grid of the final.
But our Russian driver was soon after pushed out in the bagarre at the start. His chassis was damaged so much that he could not at all be back at the track.
The new-entry-driver Ralf Aron had a positive debut in this prestigious competition. Actually he was author of convincing performances, which have been improved during the whole weekend.
Aron, after having completed the heats, started from the eighth row in the final and, while he was fighting for the top-ten list, he was involved in a multiple collision and was forced to withdraw.
On the occasion of this important event in Sarno, the CIK Super Cup competition for KF category was also run. Winner in this category was our driver Karol Basz.
Basz, author of the pole position, won two heats out of three and led also the prefinal. In the final our driver had to fight for the whole competition against the Danish Kosmic Kart Racing Department’s driver Nicklas Nielsen.
Basz and Nielsen gave life to a heated face-off, which ended with a thrilling epilogue at the last bend where they got into collision and the one who jumped to the chequered flag was Karol Basz.
The British driver of the Ricky Flynn Motorsport, Martin Kodric, at the drive of a FA Kart-Vortex chassis, gained the third position.

Official rankings:
KFJ: http://www.cikfia.com/fileadmin/content/Export/2013/Sarno/kf-junior_results35.pdf
KF: http://www.cikfia.com/fileadmin/content/Export/2013/Sarno/kf_results76.pdf

1st Round of the CIK-FIA World Championship’s podium for KF Junior category
1st Leonardo Pulcini (ITA), Tony Kart-Vortex-LeCont. Morsicani Racing
2nd Leonardo Lorandi (ITA), Tony Kart-Parilla-LeCont. Baby Race Srl
3rd Robert Shwartzman (RUS), Tony Kart-™-LeCont. Forza Racing

CIK-FIA Super Cup’s podium for KF category
1st Karol Basz (POL), Tony Kart-Vortex-Vega. Tony Kart Racing Team
2nd Nicklas Nielsen (DAN), Kosmic Kart-Vortex-Vega. Kosmic Kart Racing Department
3rd Martin Kodric (UK), FA Kart-Vortex-Vega. Ricky Flynn Motorsport