-In Bahrain the karting season is closing (21st-23rd November) with the second round for the World Championship for KF and KFJ categories

-In this world competition our official lineup includes Basz, Kasai and Chang in KF class. Mazepin, Aron and the new driver Aubry in KFJ category.

-Between the first world round at Sarno and this event in Bahrain our drivers Betsch and Mazepin attended some international competitions, the WSK Final Cup, the Trophy of Industries and the Italian and German Championships showing off very good performances.

-Both in KF and in KFJ class the drivers running with our material can aim at the world title and succeed the World Champion 2013, Flavio Camponeschi.

-In the first three positions of the provisional KFJ ranking there are not less than three drivers running with a Tony Kart chassis, they are Pulcini, Lorandi and Shwartzman.

-To follow the event in live streaming we suggest some useful links

The final act of the long professional season of the Tony Kart Racing Team is now coming. The second round of the World Championship for KF and KFJ categories is taking place on this weekend at the Bahrain’s track. In KF class we will lineup Karol Basz, new champion of the International Super Cup, the Japanese Takashi Kasai and the driver from Macao, Andy Chang.
In the general ranking, after the English competition held at the PF International circuit, the best of our drivers is Basz, eleventh with 5 scores but our products are at the top, just to mention some, the Danish drivers Hansen, fifth, and Nielsen (Kosmic Kart-Vortex), second position. In the cadet class we will have Ralf Aron, the French Gabriel Aubry, debuting in our racing team and the Russian driver Nikita Mazepin, already leader of the whole season.
During the weeks before the world event our drivers Mazepin and Mick Betsch were running already in some important International and National competitions. Betsch attended both in the German DMSB Championship, gaining the podium at the demanding Belgian track of Genk and in the Trophy of Industries. On the occasion of this last competition, held at the Italian South Garda track, Betsch gained the sixth position.
Mazepin competed in two important competitions of the 7 Laghi circuit, the WSK Final Cup and the ACI-CSAI Italian Championship. In both competitions some accidents stopped Mazepin’s fight for the podium.
Going back to the world Bahrain’s competition, it will be run in a very suggestive and unusual setting, both geographically and for it will be run in the night under the reflectors’ lights. Mazepin will try might and main to show off a winning performance and will run, as well as his teammates, with the excellent RACER EVK chassis.
Aron, after his debut at international level with our Racing Team, on the occasion of the first world event in Sarno, will go on with his apprenticeship, after having shown very good driving skills and the right determination. In the general ranking of KF Junior category the first positions are of drivers running with our factory’s products, they are Leonardo Pulcini (25 scores) with a Tony Kart-Vortex, followed by Alessio Lorandi (20 scores) and Robert Shwartzman (16 scores), both at the drive of a Tony Kart.
To live follow the event which will name Flavio Camponeschi’s successor, World Champion for KF category in 2013, these are the useful links:
Competitions will be available on the website http://www.cikfia.com/competitions/cik-calendar/2013/bahrain/live.html