CIK-FIA World Championship for KF & KFJ. Bahrain 21st-22nd November

-The World Championship’s 2nd Round for KF and KFJ category confirms once more the winning qualities of the Tony Kart-Vortex material

-In KFJ class Mazepin gains the 2nd position behind the FA KART-Vortex chassis of  Norris, and ahead of Shwartzman’s Tony Kart

-After Mazepin’s penalty after the competition, our Racing Team appeals

-In KFJ category more than 76% of the chassis jumped in the final comes from our factory

- The KFJ podium of the world final is of Lorandi, Pulcini and Shwartzman both at the driver of Tony Kart chassis

-Aron and Aubry’s competition, at their debut in our team, were compromised due to some accidents  

-In KF category Basz takes the second position and is third in the world ranking

The final race of the World Championship for KF and KF Junior categories held at the Bahrain International Karting Circuit confirmed our products’ absolute quality both in KF and in KFJ category.
The second world round for KFJ was led by the European Champion, the British Lando Norris (FA Kart-Vortex), of the Ricky Flynn Motorsport team, who preceded our Nikita Mazepin, author of a race all in the fight. Mazepin, jumped from the third row, fought with great grit Ticktum, Kari, Ahmed, Pulcini, Lorandi and Shwartzman, eventually gaining a deserved second position.
After the race our drive got a penalty, for having crossed the track line and for this reason he could not get on the podium. Our Racing Team’s management, not agreeing with the penalty, appealed.
For this, we will present our reason in favour of our driver Nikita Mazepin at the International Federation’s seat.
Still in KFJ, the Estonian Ralf Aron easily enter the final, showing off his very good talent, but unfortunately Aron got involved in a collision during the first lap.
Much more unlucky was Gabriel Aubry, at his debut with our Racing Team, the French driver ran the heats always at the top position but his chance to win stopped in the A prefinal.
Aubry, jumped from the third row, had to withdraw at the first lap because of an accident, losing any chance to gain good results in the final.
The French driver also showed off to be fast in the warm-up, signing the best lap of his session. The same good result, first position, was achieved by Mazepin, confirming again all our drivers’ high competitiveness.

In KF class Karol Basz got on the podium, gaining the second position, at the end of a weekend where our technical material was the protagonist.
Basz paid for having withdrawn in the second eliminatory heat but he recovered in the third heat, signing the best lap in race.
In the pre-final Basz was able to recover from the unlucky heat and gained the fourth row at the starting grid. In the very final our driver fought all over the first half of the competition against Tiene, Lennox-Lamb, Boccolacci, Verstappen and Nielsen before reaching and chasing the leader, Joyner.
Despite his attempt to recapture the leader, the time he lost at the beginning prevented Basz from filling the gap.
Both in the final and in the prefinal, the best lap was signed by the extraordinary Danish driver of the Ward Racing team, Andrea Hansen, at the drive of a Tony Kart-Vortex chassis. He got the seventh position in the Championship standings, and got important scores in both competitions.
Basz’s result allowed our driver to take the fourth position with 20 scores in the Championship standings.

Statistics and figures of the World Championship for KF and KFJ.
Far from the event occurred to Nikita Mazepin, the cadet class’ ranking is clear, more than 76% of the chassis at the starting grid comes from our factory. In the first ten positions of the final ranking not less than nine chassis are branded Tony Kart (4), FA Kart (3) and Kosmic Kart (2).
The World’s category title was of Alessio Lorandi, of the Baby Race team, third position in the current ranking of the final in Bahrain.
The same final ranking of the World Championship for KFJ awards our products and after the World Champion Lorandi (scores 40), we have the Tony Kart-Vortex chassis of the Morsicani Racing with Leonardo Pulcini (scores 38), followed by the Tony Kart-Tm chassis driven from the Russian driver Robert Shwartzman (scores 32), of the Forza Racing team.