World Championship KF & KFJ. Thanks Mick Jr and thanks Nikita 

  • Our products have gained the top three positions in the World Championships for KF and KFJ run in France at Essay. FA Kart-Vortex, Tony Kart-Vortex and FA Kart-Vortex (podium KF);FA Kart-Vortex Tony Kart and Kosmic Kart-Vortex (podium KFJ)
  • Nikita Mazepin (KF) and Mick Jr (KFJ), took the second position in their respective categories, making this a precious world championship
  • KF and KFJ competitions, two races not to forget for the Racing Team, Mick and Nikita 

THE CIK-FIA World Championship, run in Essay (France) was a real triumph for the chassis we manufacture, indeed we were the absolute leaders in both categories to the point of gaining the podium. 
The global success of our brands is clear and beautifully enhanced by the performance of the drivers of the Racing Team. Nikita Mazepin and Mick Jr, at the end of a perfect weekend, have collected the rewards of the hard work carried out until today with all our staff. Nikita and Mick have stood on the second step of the podium, respectively, in the category of KF and KFJ, behind the two new World Champions, Lando Norris and Enaam Ahmed, both with a FA Kart-Vortex chassis (Ricky Flynn Motorsport team).
In KFJ class, Mauricio Baiz (Kosmic Kart) completed the podium, followed by the other Kosmic Kart of Haaga.

KF. The whole world event has spoken in favor of our chassis to the point that at the end of qualifying already a large patrol of pretenders to the title were present with material produced in our company.
The sequence of ten heats, all ran with a dry track, saw leader Nielsen (Kosmic Kart-Vortex), who won all four heats. Two heats each were won by Norris (FA Kart-Vortex) and Kari of Ward Racing (Tony Kart-Vortex) and one heat has gained by Besancez (Tony Kart) of the Kartronix team.
Our three-bearers, Aubry, Basz and Mazepin, despite not having won any races, have always occupied the top positions, clearly going to compose the large patrol of the pretenders to the title. Gabriel Aubry has earned the fifth position ahead of Basz and Mazepin.
To complicate things, on Sunday the pouring rain fell at times, since the morning, revolutionizing the great work done by the teams and drivers. Our technical staff has worked with the usual speed and efficiency to put the Racer EVK in the best conditions.
Even with the wet conditions the result did not changed and at the top, in both categories, were numerous and competitive the great drivers at the driver of made-in-Prevalle.
At the start of the final Basz and Mazepin have crossed the chequered flag, respectively, in the second and third row, ready to challenge for the title.
Our young Russian driver, after a start without taking risks has showed off a top-driver performance, passing, first, the defending champion Joyner and at the final sprint Daruvala.
Just the final overtake of Daruvala, made with a mix of intelligence and grit, delivered into the hands of our driver a well-deserved second place behind the FA Kart-Vortex of Norris.
Nikita, as mentioned, has prepared the attack with tactical skill and performed the play on a quick and correct rival, so perfectly, at the last lap.
The great achievement of our products is enriched by the performance of Nikita, a young talent perfectly integrated within our Racing Team, who has taken advantage in the best way of the working methods of our own team. Mazepin with this result, in his last race in karting, before beginning a career in single-seaters, gave to himself and to all the Racing Team staff, a great satisfaction.
Other than the already mentioned three drivers who crossed the chequered flag in the top ten, there were also no less than six chassis of our production.

KFJ. Even in the cadet class the leading of our chassis is important already in the heats with the European Champion Ehmed who imposed in all five of his qualifying heats.
Impeccable is also our Junior Mick who won four heats and earned first place in his pre-final. Another heat, the tenth, was won by Milell with a Exprit-Vortex chassis.
The two prefinals were run under a heavy rain, but did not change the ranking and at the top we find the "usual" names, at the driver of Tony Kart, FA Kart, Kosmic Kart and Exprit material. The starting grid in the first position was gained by Ahamed and our Mick Jr was eighth and jumped from the fourth row.
Ahamed, at the green light, started followed by the Kosmic Kart of Lessenes and by Mick Jr, at ease with the wet track, too.
At the ninth lap the podium with Mick is defined when he overtakes Lessenes and keeps pace with the future World Champion. Behind the first two, there is the Kosmic Kart of the Colombian driver Baiz, with a very good recovery. The top five positions are gained by the Exprit-Vortex of Maini (fourth) and by the Kosmic Kart of Haaga, which make up a quintet of world champions difficult to beat.
Mick Junior, after his second place at the European Championship, repeated his result, confirming the incredible improvements occurred over this season, in terms of character and sporting skill.
Mazepin and Mick Junior at the end of their competition have received the warm embrace of all our Racing Team, happy to have made a contribution to the growth of these two young talents. Thanks Mick and thank you Nikita!

Nikita Mazepin - Tony Kart Racing Team. 2nd CIK-FIA World Championship, KF category
"It 's been a very important and challenging weekend because it was scheduled on a single race in which you play all, there is a lot of pressure for a long time because it is the only opportunity to be first or second or third, in the world championship.
I had to stay very focused to finish without making mistakes, accidents or other stupid mistakes. In the end, then, it is a great feeling what I feel right now, but I was very nervous and tense before the final, because of bad weather conditions.
In the warm-up and in the finals the track was wet, but in the end everything has changed and it dried, so I had to adapt to the changing track conditions. We had to make changes to the setup of the chassis it was very stressful for me but the whole team was fantastic and worked great! "

The next year you will leave karting to continue your career in single-seaters.
"It's definitely the best way to end my career in karting, it was my last race because next year I will turn to the car. I want to thank very much the Tony Kart Racing Team for the work done this year and in years past."

You have crowned your world with overtaking Daruvala on the last lap. How did you feel?
"It was hard and it took more or less 12 laps to complete the recovery. Before passing him (Daruvala) I had to calm down a bit and take the pressure off because I had made some mistakes.
In the last six laps I was just on the edge and I studied the situation to try to overtake him on the last lap and in fact it went well because I was getting closer and saw that he was tired, so I took the opportunity, I
passed and I arrived second."