• Tony Kart-Vortex triumphs by winning the World Championship with Ardigò in KZ category. Camponeschi completes the podium with the second place
  • The World's most prestigious karting event begins with the pole of Camponeschi and continues with Ardigò’s victories in the heats and the double win in the pre-final and final.
  • This is the first World Championship won in KZ class by Tony Kart and Vortex. (This year the world title has been assigned to KZ category)
  • In the International Super Cup for KZ2 category Hansen, Piccini and Corberi have played a very good weekend
  • The rankings

KZ. The most awaited Italian race which has awarded the CIK-FIA World Championship of KZ class was scheduled, as all the main events, at the end of the CIK racing calendar. The race at the Circuit of Naples, over 1,600 meters, took over, this season, the title of the World Championship (no longer World Cup as in the past). An additional status, the latter, which makes the world title conquered by our Racing Team, memorable, to be placed in a special place in the gold of the eighteen World Championships won.
In the qualifying heats the event starts with the right foot for our drivers, which are placed immediately at the top, with pole and second time. It is Flavio Camponeschi, with the formidable chrono time of 1:05.676 ahead of Marco Ardigò of just 037 milliseconds. The qualifyings are a clear confirmation that the Racing Team staff has arrived at this world appointment more determined than ever, under optimal conditions.
In the heats the best performance of our drivers and vehicles continues, with Ardigò winning both qualifying races ahead, in the first one, of the pole man Camponeschi, author of the best lap.
Just Camponeschi performs one of the most exciting heats, the second (A-C). Our driver struggle with tough rivals and wins a spectacular duel with Pex, on the last lap, making a remarkable and precise overtaking. In his heats once more Camponeschi gains the best lap, confirming to be unbeatable on the fast lap.
The pre-final jumps with our two drivers, Ardigò and Camponeschi, respectively, in first and third position. Ardigò immediately takes the lead and Camponeschi, already at the end of the first lap, gains the second position, keeping it easily until the finishing line. The World Cup final opens with a first row completely coloured in Tony Kart-Vortex "Green", which features the new livery of our chassis. As soon as the traffic light is off Ardigò and Camponeschi have no hesitation, fly to the first corner fast gaining soon the lead of the race.  In the early stages of the race the menacing and formidable rival, De Conto, overtakes Camponeschi and, at the third lap, attacks Ardigò, taking the lead. Ardigò keeps calm and waits for his chassis to reach the maximum yield and at the end of the fourth lap takes the leadership. Ardigò leaves little hope to his rival and goes unchallenged, with a powerful chassis, towards the title. Even Camponeschi does not take long to overtake the rival preceding him (De Conto) and after having studied the situation, at the eleventh lap, passes, with a strong attack in the final part of the Naples’ track. The last stages of the race are a triumphant and exciting ride for our drivers, with Ardigò and Camponeschi firmly at the top. The emotion and pathos to the finishing line which approaches are very high and all the staff of the Racing Team explodes in a big party as soon as the flag lowers, welcoming Marco Ardigò as new World Champion for KZ class. Flavio Camponeschi is vice champion, second, and seals a wonderful and perfect weekend ended with the most important result, the CIK-FIA World Championship’s title.

KZ2. In the unforgettable weekend at the International Circuit of Naples also the title of International KZ2 Super Cup was awarded. In this latter category our drivers performed very well, showing the competitiveness of Tony Kart-Vortex material. Andreas Hansen ran the heats at top level and finished second in the pre-final, earning the second row of the final starting grid. Alessio Piccini lost, not because of him, the chance to show off in the final, in fact, the young Italian was bumped at the start of the pre-final and was forced to withdraw. A shame, because Piccini started from the sixth row and had the potential to reap the rewards of the good work done. Luca Corberi, another driver of ours in KZ2 class, has performed a very determined recovery in the final. Corberi jumped from the twenty-fifth row and finished in eleventh place, showing off all his skills and closing positively this worldwide experience in KZ2 class. The final saw among the top drivers Hansen, who has fought for the podium in the early stages, but was, then, involved in the tough bagarre of the top positions. So the world debut in KZ2 class for Hansen was great and ended with the sixth position. Not to be missed is also the performance of the Tony Kart-Vortex chassis of Andreas Fasberg (Ward Racing) and Thomas Laurent (Cédric Sport), both drivers in the top positions. Fasberg’s recovery is formidable, so much so that the young Danish driver has closed in last position the qualifying heats, due to an unfortunate incident. Fasberg in the heats, in the pre-final and final, recovered, with great and perfect performances, not less than eighty-six positions, ending the final in eighth place.

Classifica finale Campionato del Mondo CIK-FIA KZ: http://www.cikfia.com/fileadmin/content/Export/2014/Sarno/kz_results86.pdf

Classifica finale KZ2 Super Cup CIK-FIA: http://www.cikfia.com/fileadmin/content/Export/2014/Sarno/kz2_results135.pdf