• The WSK Final Cup of Adria perfectly frames the development of our season, two victories in KZ and KF class for the Racing Team and the clear supremacy of our products, winning in KFJ and Mini categories

• Ardigò and all the Racing Team confirm not to be satisfied by the world title just won thus they aim to dominate the WSK Final Cup, too

• Basz wins in KF class and completes the win of the last race of the season

• Martono and Bogdanov, Tony Kart-Vortex of the Baby Race team, win in KFJ and Mini class, confirming the quality of products made in Prevalle

• Video interviews and rankings

The last official race of our Racing Team, WSK Final Cup, finished the season with dignity for our colours and all of our products.
On the new, modern, Italian circuit, Adria Raceway Karting, opened for this WSK event, Marco Ardigò and Karol Basz won, respectively, the Final Cup of KZ and KF. The victory in the other two categories, KFJ and Mini, was achieved by the drivers at the wheel of Tony Kart chassis. In the Junior class leader is the Indonesian Presley Martono (Tony Kart-Vortex) and in the Mini category is the Russian Dimitrii Bogdanov (Tony Kart). These two drivers belong to the Baby Race.

In KZ the World Champion Marco Ardigò does not show at all satisfied by the title just won, like all the Racing Team, and came to this appointment of the Final Cup extremely focused and motivated.
The race ends with a clear supremacy of our driver who never leaves the top position since the heats, when gains the pole, makes him all the heats, dominates the pre-final and wins again in the final. This is the impressive path of Marco Ardigò and his Tony Kart-Vortex-Bridgestone chassis during the WSK Final Cup of Adria.
Great is also the behaviour of our other drivers who confirm the high level of competitiveness of the materials we produce.
Flavio Camponeschi after positive heats, that takes him in the second row of the pre-final starting grid, finishes in second place. In the final, Camponeschi fights throughout the race for the podium and misses the result by a few tenths, finishing in fourth place.
Andreas Hansen loses some positions at the start of the pre-final and is thus forced to try to perform a vigorous comeback that culminates with the sixth place in the final and the best lap (signed in the pre-final). For the two young drivers Alessio Piccini and Luca Corberi, the final ends ahead of time, because of a collision while they were in the top positions.

In KF class of our materials supremacy is the mirror of the season, so at the end of the heats the Kosmic Kart-Vortex of Nielsen (winner of two heats) is in first place while the second is of our Tony Kart-Vortex chassis driven by Karol Basz (winner of one heat) and the third position is gained by Max Fewtrell’s FA Kart-Vortex.  In the pre-final Basz runs throughout the race in the first positions and in the last laps tries to overtake the leader Fewtrell. Given the tenacious defence of his rival, Basz adopts a bold strategy, lets the rival pass, who followed him so close in third place, and takes the third position, gaining the start on the right side of the track, in the most favourable position for the first bend, to the right.
The choice of Basz has proved to be successful and in the final, after a first stage run behind the leader Fewtrell, our driver went on the attack, passing and winning both race and title of the WSK Final.
In addition to the victory, Basz, also signed the best lap of the race with a time of 48.646.
Our driver gets on the podium together with Fewtrell running, too, at the wheel of a chassis totally produced in our factory.

Rankings: http://www.wskarting.it/results_2014.asp?r=1&c=8&s=WSK_Finalcup