• In Qatar, the FIA has awarded the World Champions of Karting, Ardigò (KZ), Norris (KF) and Ahmed (KFJ), all winners at the wheel of products manufactured by us.
  • Mazepin (KF) and Mick Jr (KFJ) have gained a magnificent second place in their respective world championships
  • Ardigò and Mick Jr struggled for success in the European championship
  • In addition to the many CIK-FIA achievements the Racing Team also saw WSK Master, Champions and Final
  • The heritage of so many successes, so prestigious, is now entrusted to the new chassis Racer 401 and  Krypton 801
  • Interview with Marco Ardigò

The fact that the World Champions Marco Ardigò (KZ), Lando Norris (KF) and Enaam Ahmed (KF-Junior) got on the the stage of the CIK Champions Award, held in Doha (Qatar), is a source of great pride for our factory.
The final act of the season, the FIA awards ceremony in Doha, has done nothing but focus on "our" World Champions. Marco Ardigò won the most prestigious and coveted world karting title, running with the Racing Team, while Norris (FA Kart-Vortex) and Ahmed (FA Kart-Vortex), won at the wheel of chassis totally of our production, greatly managed by the Ricky Flynn Motorsport team.
The above mentioned results are substantial and do not allow replies, by virtue of the quality shown by all our products. The supremacy is well marked, scrolling through all categories’ rankings, with the incessant presence of our chassis.
Ardigò added the third world pearl to his palmarès, dominating the category with the gear, KZ, ahead our other pilot, Flavio Camponeschi.
On the occasion of the world championship of KF and KFJ categories, the aforementioned Norris and Ahmed were leaders by beating two of our formidable drivers, Nikita Mazepin and Mick Junior.
Both the world podiums of the categories with no gear, have been monopolized by our products, so much so that the third place was conquered by Jehan Daruvala (FA Kart-Vortex), in KF, and Mauricio Baiz (Kosmic Kart), in KFJ.
Our Tony Kart chassis and our Racing Team were protagonists of the entire season, Mick Jr took second place also in the European Championship, always preceded by Enaam Ahmed.
The European Championship of KZ class was the race stage for the title for Ardigò, winner of the first (of three races) on the Belgian circuit of Genk. Eventually our pilot finished in third place at the end of a difficult and exciting fight.
The 2014 board shows the top world achievements as well as the other CIK-FIA titles, but no less brilliant and unforgettable are the victories in the WSK Series.
The Super Master, Champions Cup and Cup Final, have been the land of conquest of Ardigò (KZ) and Basz (KF), for an unforgettable season.
Moreover 2014 closes with the arrival of new and beautiful weapons for the next three years of races, the Racer 401 and Krypton 801 (http://www.tonykart.com/leggi_news.php?ID_news=936).