Tony Kart Viper

Pleasure of driving, performances, safety, and reliability are the main features of the new kart for the rental market, designed, engineered, manufactured, 100% made in OTK, Italy

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Quality made in Italy

Guaranteed by OTK Kart Group

Driving pleasure, performance, safety and reliability are the main features of the new kart aimed at the rental market, for both indoor and outdoor tracks. The Tony Kart Viper is the OTK Kart Group kart entirely dedicated to the kart rental market. The new model shares the same high quality, construction and performance standards as the whole product range of the group. Indeed, the latest product by Tony Kart also respects the philosophy of being “DESIGNED, ENGINEERED, MANUFACTURED, 100% MADE IN OTK, ITALY”.

Top-level research and development

Meant for your business

The Viper is the result of intense work both in the design phase and in terms of development by OTK Kart Group’s R&D department in order to come up with a product able to grant top performance, driving pleasure and, at the same time, reliability and ease of management. The endeavor to keep weight down was a priority in the design phase to produce a high-performance vehicle that is enjoyable to drive. Several solutions for quick maintenance have been developed to facilitate work even for less experienced operators. Moreover, Viper does not require adjustments or a complex set-up. The basic set-up defined by the manufacturer is immediately suited to both indoor and outdoor tracks. In this way the staff of the tracks using this kart don’t have to take care about technical issues.

Perfect combination

Safety and performance spotlighted

A long period of testing led to the creation of driver protection systems. Tony Kart’s rental kart introduces a double safety system into the market: perimeter protection made from polizene together with an innovative shock absorber system made from polyurethane. In addition to these solutions, there is also a cushioned steering column which minimizes the repercussions of any collisions on the upper limbs of the driver. There is also the option of installing a Roll-Bar complete with safety belts. As far as driving comfort is concerned, the Tony Kart Viper has a quick control mechanism to adjust the pedals and the seat to cater for the different heights of drivers easily. The kart has been designed to offer maximum performance on both outdoor and indoor tracks, while maintaining driving pleasure and driver safety

The Winning formula

Low weight, maximum reliability

The Honda 270cc version of the Tony Kart Viper with a belt-driven transmission (without Roll-bar, seat belts and ballast support, which are optional) weighs about 160 Kg. Low kart weight, combined with a sturdy structure and protection systems such as those adopted on the Tony Kart Viper, increase the reliability of the kart itself. Indeed, in the event of collisions, which are very frequent in rental karts, the energy that needs to be dissipated by a lighter kart is lower than that by a kart with a higher mass. It all increases the general reliability of karts and tracks.

Main Features
1 Adjustable pedals 9 Mono-block aluminum rims
2 Adjustable seat with reinforced structure 10 Stainless steel floor pan
3 Cushioned steering column 11 Axle 40 x 5 mm
4 Steering wheel with 350 mm diameter 12 Reinforced stub axles
5 Polizene perimeter protection 13 Protection kit for brake disk and sprocket
6 Polyurethane shock absorber 14 9-liter capacity tank
7 Chain- or belt-driven transmission with tensioner 15 Nylon steering rods with reinforcing bush
8 Cut-Off system that prevents accelerating and braking at the same time 16 Brake system with two-piston floating caliper and stroke recovery,
hydraulic brake pump with oil tank,
self-ventilated disc, quick pad changing system
Dimensions Engines Options
1.985 mm
Honda GX 270 cc engine Ballast support box (space obtained in the left fairing)
Max width (rear)
1.367 mm
Honda GX 270 cc engine with RPM limiter Kart remote control transponder
Height (upper edge of spoiler with number holder)
645 mm (without Roll-bar)
Honda GX 390 cc engine Roll-bar with four-point safety belts
Weight (Honda GX 270 cc)
160 kg
Honda GX 390 cc engine with RPM limiter Seat booster
    Personalized sticker kit
    Bridgestone YDS tire set
    Exhaust system with catalytic converter
    Engine hourmeter

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The cushioned steering column, with its guaranteed 5 cm controlled movement, allows energy to be dissipated in the event of a collision, thereby safeguarding the driver’s upper limbs

At the rear, any collisions are cushioned by the perimeter fairing that it is mounted on polizene supports with a deformable structure and a specific shape made to absorb shocks.

At the front, there is a polyurethane shock absorber, positioned inside the fairing and covered by a removable cover. This shock absorption system has been combined with a protective perimeter band, made from black polizene, which also absorbs shocks and allows the kart to slide along the barriers in case of collision, thereby safeguarding the driver.

The transmission can be belt- or chain-driven. This meets the needs of individual circuits that, usually, choose transmissions that are belt-driven for indoor facilities and chain-driven for outdoor ones

The pedals are independently adjustable, thanks to two practical levers that allow you to move them closer or further away by up to 11 cm. Including seat adjustment, the Viper can be adapted to people measuring approximately 150 cm to 190 cm in height

The seat can also be adjusted longitudinally: it can be moved to 6 positions amounting to a total of 9 cm. There is also an optional seat booster, which can be used for drivers with a very small build.

The brake system is equipped with a 2-piston floating caliper with stroke recovery, a hydraulic brake pump with oil tank, a self-ventilating disc and a quick pad changing system.

The “Cut Off” system that the Viper is equipped with is a mechanism that prevents the driver from accelerating and braking at the same time, thereby safeguarding the longevity of the engine, clutch and brake system.

The chassis is made from 32 mm diameter steel tubing and has a reinforced structure resulting from the work carried out by the OTK Kart Group’s R&D department. In particular, the “C” fixing elements of the stub axles are equipped with reinforced ribs for increased reliability.

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