• Marco Ardigò is leader in KZ2 for the second year
  • Nielsen wins in KF category without hesitation in a blaze of Tony Kart-Vortex
  • KFJ. Milesi is 2nd in KFJ, Novalak is out
  • Protagonists’ interviews: Ardigò, Nielsen and Milesi
  • WSK Final Cup official rankings

KZ2. Marco Ardigò is leader for the second year
During the weekend at the Adria Karting Raceway circuit our Marco Ardigò was perfect, winning the second edition of the WSK Final Cup.
At the wheel of the Racer 401 powered by RVZ Vortex engine, Marco signed the pole, won all three heats, the prefinal and the final.

Ardigò had a little hesitation at the start of the final only, jumping from the number one box. Fourth position on first lap, our driver took the best of his technical material and also the lead of the race on ninth lap, keeping this position until the chequered flag.

Luca Corberi was unfortunately penalised by a back injury occurred during the Thursday practices already. Luca, although suffering, always ran in the top positions, ending the prefinal in fifth position and eleventh in the final, because of a penalty of 10”.
Also the other drivers at the wheel of a Tony Kart-Vortex made a very good performance, in particular Leonardo Lorandi (Baby Race team) and Alexander Schmitz (KSM Racing Team).
The first one got on the third step of the podium while the German driver got the second placing after the heats, and was three positions behind Marco Ardigò.

KF. Nielsen wins without hesitation in a blaze of Tony Kart-Vortex
Nielsen’s Final Cup took place without uncertainty always keeping the lead in the whole Adria event.

As well as his teammate Ardigò, KZ2 champion, Nicklas was leader in all three heats, in prefinal and final.
Nicklas’ Tony Kart-Vortex chassis was nine positions ahead of other Vortex-powered-chassis and of nine chassis manufactured in our factory of Prevalle.
So next to our driver on the podium were Richard Verschoor (Exprit - RB Racing team) and the World Champion Karol Basz (Kosmic Kart Racing Department).
Other our driver, Marcus Armstrong performed well during the heats, finishing fifth and eight position in the final, after a hard battle with Drugovich (Kosmic Kart-Vortex/Kosmic Kart Racing Department) and Travisanutto (Tony Kart-Vortex/KSM Racing Team).

KFJ. Milesi is 2nd. Novalak is out

The thrilling emotions during the lively tussle with the young KF Junior drivers did not miss. In the heats our drivers were leaders, winners of three competitions, with Milesi who got the first position twice.
Our chassis quality, as well as any other made-in-Prevalle products, was sealed by nine victories (out of ten heats) gained in the first phase of the event.

In the two prefinals (A and B) our drivers, Milesi and Novalak, finished second, gaining the second row behind two other Tony Kart-Vortex chassis of Vesti (Forza Racing) and Abrusci (Baby Race).

The final was really hard with many changes of positions and close battles. And it is just during one of these that Novalak (ninth lap), withdrew while fighting for the podium.
Charles Milesi was able to avoid pitfalls and on last laps took the second position behind Vesti and finished second.

Interviews with the leaders: Ardigò, Nielsen and Milesi

Marco Ardigò (I) – Champion WSK Final Cup KZ2

Nicklas Nielsen (DNK) – Champion WSK Final Cup KF

Charles Milesi (F) – 2nd position WSK Final Cup KFJ


WSK FINAL CUP’S OFFICIAL RANKINGS: http://www.wskarting.it/results_2015.asp?r=1&c=8&s=WSK_Finalcup

Drivers’ lineup:

#308 Clément Novalak  (GBR) KF Junior

#309 Charles Milesi (F) KF Junior

#203 Nicklas Nielsen (DNK) KF

#204 Marcus Armstrong (NZL) KF

#1 Marco Ardigò (I) KZ

#2 Luca Corberi (I) KZ


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