The last world event for our Racing Team can be considered as the most demanding.
The fifth and last competition of the CIK-FIA World Championship in KF1 category see our two official drivers fighting for the title, Flavio Camponeschi and Ignazio D’Agosto, in particular.

Our drivers own the third and fourth position, with a score of 192 and 169 respectively.
The other official driver of ours, Yu Kanamaru, will run the competition in his own Country with a lot of good chances to succeed. We remind that Kanamaru is in the seventh place of the general classification, with 102 points and also gained a world success in the occasion of the world Zuera competition (Spain).
As for the disqualification in Genk, just before the world event the appeal made from Chiesa Corse got a response. The verdict inexplicably belied what the CIK Technical Committee decided during the event, cancelling the disqualification and giving De Vries a penalty.
We have to remind that our driver Flavio Camponeschi, who incurred in this accident, lost 20 points at least, even though he had no responsibility in this matter.
Suzuka circuit, 1,246 m long, is places in center-southern Japan, within the territory of the F1 circuit.
The Circuit, demanding but at the same time spectacular, host our chassis on the first step of the podium, on the occasion of many brilliant past victories, just to mention the latest, Ardigò and Stevens’.
The Suzuka event will also assign the Asian-Pacific title in KF2 category. In this class our Racing Team will line up the Italian Damiano Fioravanti and the Indonesian Paz Patric Armand Philo.
The official entry list shows how the many Tony Kart chassis of our partner-teams have good chances to succeed, thanks to their excellent management previous success.
The race will be broadcast “live” at http://www.cikfia.com/home.html