In the last weekend of the CIK-FIA World Championship of KF1 category, our driver Ignazio D’Agosto wins one out of four competitions. All the three drivers of ours get on the podium, gaining both categories’ pole position. In the world championship Camponeschi takes the third step on the podium.
In the CIK-FIA Asian-Pacific championship, reserved to the KF2 class, Damiano Fioravanti signs an excellent pole position, thus conquering the third position. The title has been won by Saeki, running our factory’s FA Kart chassis, powered by Vortex engine.

KF1 – The first day is opening under Tony Kart-Vortex’ colours, with Ignazio D’Agosto signing the pole position with 48.164.
In the first competition we always run at top positions with D’Agosto and Camponeschi in the fight for the podium. And it is just D’Agosto, after ending with a second place, who is forced to go back on third place behind his team-mate Camponeschi because of a violation in the starting procedures
In the second competition, on Saturday, Racer EVRR are always the absolute leaders fighting for the success. On this occasion Yu Kanamaru runs a very good race, taking the second position and also signing the best lap.
The second day of competitions is once more celebrated by one Tony Kart-Vortex’ pole position, this time signed by Camponeschi who gets the best timing of the whole event with 47.870.
Race three is won by D’Agosto succeeding after a hard struggle with De Vries. Camponeschi is forced to please himself of the fourth position, because of a collision of two competitors in front of him (De Vries and Ishii), which forces him to go out on the grass, just in the fight for the first positions.
In the last final, it is once more D’Agosto who is leader of the race but it’s in the last round that he skids to the fourth position, behind a very tight group.

KF2 – Asian Pacific title is won by the home-driver Arata Saeki running a FA Kart-Vortex chassis; moreover our driver Fioravanti, always in the leading positions, finally takes the third place.
Armand Philo, the other official driver of ours has a positive weekend, ending with the thirteenth position.
Last but not least, we wish to draw the attention to KF2 category, where the number of chassis coming from our factory in Prevalle is huge, with not less than 16 chassis out of thirty-one finalists divided into: 8 Tony Kart, 5 Kosmic Kart and 3 FA Kart chassis.