Our Ardigò just missed the first step by a hair’s breadth to get once more the confirmation of being the king of KZ2 category in Las Vegas. On the occasion of the XV Super Kart USA our drivers raced during the whole weekend in the very top positions and in the final they fought until the last bend for the success. Ardigò and Dreezen ended up in second and third position respectively.

Racer EVRR chassis easily fit the Nevada’s city-circuit so that Dreezen soon signed the third best timing in the qualifying heats with 44.829, only 44 thousandths far from the first in the list. Ardigò closely followed his teammate in fourth position.
During the three qualifying heats, not less than two times the best lap was signed by a Tony Kart driver, in the second one the fastest was Ardigò with 45.050 and in the third heat Dreezen signed the record with 45.004
Thanks to the results in the rounds our two drivers got the first rows, in particular Dreezen with two third positions and one second position lined up in the first row in front of Ardigò, fourth position.
Piccini due to the last two rounds’ late timings, ran starting in tenth position.
The final saw our official drivers, Ardigò and Dreezen, constantly fight for the success. Tony Kart drivers, after the first stage of the race where they raced after the leader Abbasse, became threatening from the half of the race, thus canceling the light gap existing between them and the leading drivers and hardly fought, but always fairly, for the success.
The second-last round was very exciting with the exchange of the top-positions between Ardigò and Abbasse, which ended with a win in a rush. We just missed the success for 76 thousandths only.
The double podium in anyway confirming the high value of our material on the track as well as our Racing Team and drivers’ great value, always leaders with two Tony Kart-Vortex chassis always in the very top-positions.
In this spectacular American race Fioravanti and Philo got their début in the Las Vegas circuit, KF2 category, and both paid for it, being involved in a few slight collisions. Absolutely important the second best timing during the qualifying heats signed by Armand Philo, with a very good 46.372.

Giacomo Aliprandi – Team Manager of Tony Kart Racing Team
“We just missed our goal to be once more confirmed as the Super Nationals champions…. It’s a pity.
By the way we are satisfied with the great value of our technical material as well as of the management of this event”.