On the occasion of the Champions of the Future and the FIA Karting World Championship for OK-OKJ categories, our Racing Team reveals the new livery that the Tony Kart chassis will wear starting from 2022.

The 2022 season is somehow already here, for the Tony Kart Racing Team. Even before putting the word 'end' to 2021, our sports division has introduced directly on the track the new livery wearing the newly homologated Tony Kart chassis from next year, on the occasion of the Champions of the Future and of the FIA Karting World Championship for OK-OKJ classes in Campillos (Spain).

The 2022 livery is a historical reference, a tribute to the colours of the Tony Kart chassis that raced and won several titles during the second half of the 2000s. The main news concerning the colour which featured the Tony Kart models so far, is the wide green bands on the number plate spoiler, on the front spoiler and on the side fairings, always featured by dynamic red and green lines, on a pearl coloured background.

From 2022, the current M6 fairings (front and side) will be replaced by the new M10 model. The rear bumper will also see the introduction of the technical improvements needed to comply with the latest requirements of the FIA regulations. The M7 number plate remains unchanged, although it will be made of green plastic, replacing the pearl-coloured plastic used until this year and still in use today for the side fairings and front spoiler.

Coming soon is also the new colour of the race suit by OMP Racing, Italian company leader in the field of technical clothing and safety devices for motorsport and technical partner of Tony Kart for more than six years. To see it, we’ll just have to wait a few more days, precisely next week, on the occasion of the FIA Karting World Championship OK and OKJ.