WSK Euro Series, World Cup KF2 category, WSK Nations and Asia Pacific KF3 category. These is our chassis’ success in 2011. But the great success has also been obtained thanks to the several drivers and teams which chose Tony Kart. 2011 line-ups at the starting grid were very often in the Tony-Kart green colour and the partner team played a leading role thanks to the Racer EVRR

The end of the year is the best moment to draw a seasonal balance, before any new agonistic competition starts soon with the next 2012 events.

Present season (2011) is closing with important satisfactions for the Tony Kart brand. Our chassis, Racer EVRR and the Krypton KSX, were always leaders, wherever, on the occasion of national and international competitions, in any category, starting from the Mini to KF1 class, with no exception for KZ1 class, too.

Important success were several, thanks to our Racing Team, always busy at international level, which obtained the prestigious success in the WSK Euro Series with Rick Dreezen, in the most exciting category, KZ1. And just in the category with the gear we got the first success of the season with a wonderful triple win in the Winter Cup. The winner was Patrik Hajek, wearing the colours of a private team, followed by Dreezen and Ardigò.

In the long run to the World Championship of KF1 category we took all our three valid drivers, Yu Kanamaru, Flavio Camponeschi and Ignazio D’Agosto to the success in Zuera (winner Kanamaru), Genk (winner Camponeschi), Sarno (winner Camponeschi) and Suzuka (winner D’Agosto).

Camponeschi and D’Agosto have been fighting for the world title since the beginning and until the last round in Suzuka and closed with a third and fourth position, respectively.

Tony Kart has ever made the manufacturing quality of all its products a worth, we actually have top-quality standards and controls which allow the chassis coming from our factory to be top-quality and alike. Scrupulousness in the manufacturing process as well as the constant research and development of our products means success in one word, obtained by our Racing Team and by our partner-teams.

Spinelli, of the Morsicani Racing, at the driver of a Racer EVRR powered by Vortex engine won the World Cup of KF2 category. Niklas Nielsen, Tony Kart Junior Team won in KF3 class both the WSK Final Cup at Ortona (Italy) and the CIK-FIA Asian-Pacific at Macao. The young Travisanutto was the leader in the WSK Final Cup,  Mini category.

Prestigious results obtained by the several team partners are a further confirmation of the quality of all Tony Kart material. For this reason too, figures mean that the chassis manufactured in our factory in Prevalle, are clearly the most employed and appreciated.

In this concern, the important American magazine named e-karting news, managed by Rob Howden, gave a clear picture of Tony Kart chassis’ presence in the important and heterogeneous panorama of the American competitions, confirming once more that Tony Kart quality products have no rivals.