Tony Kart 2012. One year full of competitions

World Champion KF1 with Flavio Camponeschi XVI° Super Nationals USA victory WSK Master Series. WSK Euro Series. WSK Final Cup. CIK-FIA. Interview with con Giacomo Aliprandi – Team Manager of Tony Kart Racing Team 

The World Champion title and the success at the Super National represent the peak, the hardest victories of a long and positive season that saw the Tony Kart  Racing Team always at the top, in and outside the track.
CIK-FIA World Championship. On the occasion of the Macao’s competition reserved to KF1 category, our team and Flavio Camponeschi conquered the most important and prestigious title of the season, the CIK-FIA World Championship’s.
The success came along with the participation in two rounds, each made up of four competitions, for a total of eight, held at Suzuka (Japan) and Macao (China).
During these events Camponeschi won not less than three races (Japan), got on the podium twice, signed one pole position and one best lap in race. It’s on this fantastic path that Camponeschi has won his first World Championship’s title and the eighteenth for the Tony Kart.
XVI° Super Nationals USA. On the occasion of the last race of the international season it was Marco Ardigò who gained a considerable success in KZ1 category. At the city circuit of Las Vegas, Ardigò conquered his third success out of six participations in this event, signing both his supremacy and the Tony Kart-Vortex, at the Super Nationals. The two last successes of the season, with Camponeschi in KF1 and Ardigò in KZ1, gave also much importance to the debut of the new Racer EVK chassis.
Even in all other competitions of the season our drivers ran at the top and the Tony Kart chassis’ competitiveness offered very good performances, also reached by the several drivers employing our products.
Much important is also the success obtained by many other brands, indissolubly linked to our factory. This is the case of the World Cup for KF3 won by the young Italian driver Luca Corberi and of the CIK-FIA Asia Pacific title won by Nicklas Nielsen, both of the Kosmic Kart Racing Department.
WSK Matesr Series. This important season that ended in such a triumphal way for our Racing Team began very positively, too, thanks to the success in KZ1 category in the WSK Master Series of Marco Ardigò. The success of our precious driver came with his victory in race-1 at La Conca and Sarno. On the occasion of the second competition at Sarno the winner the other official driver of ours, Rick Dreezen, preceding Ardigò.
Once more in the WSK Master Series we got a full success in KZ1, too, in the ranking reserved to the teams.
In the 60 Mini category Leonardo Lorandi (Baby Race team) won three competitions at the drive of a Tony Kart Rookie.
In KF3 category, which we aren’t officially attending anymore, it was Alessio Lorandi who won three competitions and got a second place in the championship.
WSK Euro Series. In the continental WSK Series Rick Dreezen was the absolute protagonist winning both rounds at Sarno.
Unfortunately our driver lost the chances to double his success in the WSK Euro when while leading of the race in Muro Leccese, a tire damaged at the last lap.
In the other category with the gear, KZ2, the young Mirko Torsellini, won his first competition at the drive of a Tony Kart-Vortex, at Val D'Argenton (France).
Torsellini also gained the second place at Zuera but he was then not admitted to the final since he had not attended the first two competitions of the series. Too much for such a demanding category as the KZ2 is.
In KF2 class Flavio Camponeschi and Damiano Fioravanti got on the podium.
Camponeschi obtained a second place twice at Val D'Argenton and La Conca, and a third place, too. Fioravanti ended up third in the last race of Zuera. Our drivers’ results are worth a second position in the teams’ ranking. In KF3 category once more Lorandi won three races, one podium and gained the third place in ranking.
WSK Final Cup. In the Final Cup, one single event at the 7 Laghi Italian circuit, the podium was given to Damiano Fioravanti with a third step in KF2.  Moreover, Tony Kart chassis gave back the success to the KF3 and 60 Mini categories, thanks to the brothers Alessio (KF3) and Leonardo (Mini) Lorandi.
CIK-FIA. Other than the World Championship, won by Camponeschi, the prestigious competitions gave us the complete podium on the occasion of the Asia Pacific of Suzuka (Japan). At he Japanese track Damiano Fioravanti and Federico Panetta (author of a best lap in the final) ended with a second and a third place respectively, completing a favourable podium for our brands. Actually, the victory went to the Danish Nicklas Nielsen at the drive of a Kosmic Kart-Vortex chassis, which we remind once more, has been totally manufactured in our factory of Prevalle. By the way, world competition did not always gave positive results to our drivers. First in the list is the European Championship for KZ1 at Wackersdorf (Germany). On the occasion of the continental race our driver Marco Ardigò performed a very good race which was progressively stunning and gained the first place. Unfortunately the end was bitter due to an unlucky and abnormal loss of fuel that took our driver to be underweight. This way, for 500 grams only, the title deservedly conquered at the track vanished.
Coherent and in synergy with our well known behaviour we accepted with serenity the final decision, very well aware to have done a very good work at the track.

Giacomo Aliprandi – Team Manager of Tony Kart Racing Team
We are very well satisfied of the results obtained, one World Championship and several victories, among which the Super National and the WSK, are not trivial things.
As I’ve been saying many and many times we also achieved two important wins with teams which are directly related to us, such as the Kosmic Kart Racing Department, and this is a very important aspect, too.
The same can be said for the success obtained by the several customers that compete by employing Tony Kart and Vortex products. These results too, give us satisfaction since it means that what we produce and take to the track is at the same time given to private teams.”

The balance for 2012 is on the whole positive moreover this year saw the debut, winning one, of the next Tony Kart weapons, the Racer EVK and the Krypton KSK.
”The general result is positive but I do not like to do seasonal analysis. What we did is a continuous work that does not really begins with January 2012 and has no end, it is something which is always in progress, in evolution.
From this point of view the new models are the real result of the teamwork between our staff and the technical department of our factory.”

How do you think it will be the year 2013?
“Interesting and rich in demanding competitions and for this reason very exciting. We will introduce some news concerning driver, we are actually defining the team in order to making it unbeatable in view of the next difficult engagements.
Under the technical profile we are ready and I go back to what I previously said, we have no starting and no arrival points in terms of development of our material or even new solutions, we just go on and on with the constant research of what can grant us better and better performances.”