The World Cup for KZ1 in France


  • In France our Racing Team is engaged in the World Championship for KZ1, the most attended event of the International season
  • The best of our materials is at full disposition of our official drivers Ardigò, Camponeschi, Dreezen, Torsellini and Alguersuari
  • The timetable of the event
  • Alessio Piccini will compete in the KZ2 Super Cup category
  • To live follow our Racing Team there is also Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/tony.kart.3726
  • Race results and web tv at the CIK-FIA website

The World Championship reserved to KZ1 category is the most attended event collecting the most attentions of the world karting season. The competition that will be held at the French track of Varennes on netx weekend has been titled as the CIK-FIA World Championship from the current season.
Manufacturers, official Teams and drivers will fight for the World CIK-FIA title for KZ category. The very world event was managed with the traditional care by the whole staff of ours. The Racing Team performed a test session on the past week at the French track with all our drivers, to train for the imminent Varennes competition,. Our Racing Team, for this event will lineup five drivers of the same value of Marco Ardigò (Italy), Flavio Camponeschi (Italy), Rick Dreezen (Belgium), Mirko Torsellini (Italy) and the new entry F1 driver Jaime Alguersuari (Spain).
Hosting the World Championship for KZ1 category is the Circuit of Jean Brun of Varennes, located in the middle of France. The track is very fast and covers over 1.500 metres, offering good overtaking points and technical driving skills to be performed where both drivers and chassis can offer their best in the same way.
In this environment our Racing Team will supper their drivers with the Racer EVKK chassis powered by Vortex RVZ engines which during the season have been evidencing their excellent technical potential.
On the occasion of the World Championship for KZ1, the "Super Cup CIK-FIA KZ2" title will be assigned as well, and our Racing Team will lineup the young driver Alessio Piccini in this category.
The event will officially start on Friday 21st from 2.48pm. At 4.30pm the best twelve drivers of the qualifying session will fight for the pole position in a exhilarating additional competition, the “Superpole”.
Saturday 21st the qualifying heats will be run and on Sunday 22nd at 12.10 and at 12.30 the two prefinals will take place.
At 15.50 pm the pre-grid ceremony will begin at 4.05 pm with the starting grid of the final assigning the world title.
If you wish to be updated on the event and have special focuses of the Tony Kart Racing Team, you can follow the social network on Facebook, through the webprofile "Tony Kart Official": https://www.facebook.com/#!/tony.kart.3726

To watch the CIK web TV link at:
KZ- http://www.cikfia.com/competitions/cik-calendar/2013/varennes/kz/regulations.html
KZ2- http://www.cikfia.com/competitions/cik-calendar/2013/varennes/kz2/results.html