Absolutely leaders World Championship for KZ category 

-On the occasion of the Varennes World Championship, Tony Kart-Vortex is the leader with Marco Ardigò

-Ardigò signs the best lap in the qualifying and in the Superpole Dreezen, too, confirms our chassis’ competitiveness

-Ardigò wins two heats out of two and in the prefinal too, he runs at the top

-Dreezen recovers after an accident in the heat and during the prefinal shows off his talent

-During the warm-up session Ardigò gains the best timing of the whole event with 51'385

-Bitterness arrives with the final. Ardigò, leader of the race, has to slow down due to an inconvenience

-Along with the performances shown during the whole World Championship, our Racer EVK chassis and the latest development of the Vortex RVZ engines, make us look at the work done with huge satisfaction, for this we dare say we have good chances to gain important results in the next professional engagements

-Official rankings and Videos

The World Championship 2013 for KZ category will be recorded with no Tony Kart drivers’ names in the first three positions of the gold book. After the good performances of our chassis on the occasion of the World Championship the final result is a joke. Amongst the protagonists of the whole weekend at Varennes we have Tony Kart Racing Team and Marco Ardigò.
In the qualifying heats Ardigò signs the best lap timing with 51'726, and in the Superpole (the best twelve drivers’ awards) he was fourth.
Still in the Superpole is also Rick Dreezen with the sixth position.
It was soon clear the high competitiveness’ level of both our drivers and chassis.
In the heats the Racer EVK performances powered by Vortex RVZ engines were very positive, particularly with Ardigò, winner of both qualifying heats and author of the best timings. In both the winning heats Ardigò ran extraordinarily showing off the perfect setup of his Tony Kart chassis, which worked impeccably.  Technical value has also to be acknowledged to the Vortex RVZ engine, which has been recently largely developed. Rick Dreezen was quite unlucky at the beginning when he was involved in a slight collision just after the start of the first heat. Dreezen could later show off his real potential, in the second heat (A-C), when he got the fifth position.
Sunday was under the sign of the Tony Kart-Vortex colours and Marco Ardigò. During the warm-up he constantly signed the best timings, first in the list with the extraordinary chrono time of 51'385, the absolute record of the world event.
The prefinal was as good as the qualifying heats confirming the winning trend of our drivers and of our material. Ardigò won the prefinal-1 after a short but strong fight against Charles Le Clerc.
In the same prefinal the other driver of ours, Mirko Torsellini, gained the seventh position.
The prefinal 2 allowed Dreezen to recover after his ill-fated first heat and our Belgian driver could reach the sixth position, very close also to the best lap in race, with 51.764.
Jaime Alguersuari ran in the fight recovering until the tenth position after a penalty in the heats.
The final assigning the world title began with the sudden start of Marco Ardigò, who soon took the leading of the race.
Right at the end of the event, when our driver seemed to be closed to the deserved result, strongly wanted also by our Racing Team, an inconvenience occurred.  
An unexpected mechanical damage which led to important consequences, prevented the Tony Kart-Vortex chassis of Ardigò to give its best, according to the performances showed off during the whole event.
An unlucky event which took off the chance to fight for the final success and for the spectacular performance.
In the final both Mirko Torsellini and Jaime Alguersuari performed very well recoveries and gained the ninth and tenth position respectively. By virtue of these competitions Torsellini gained the fifth position and Alguersuari the ninth.
The world week-end for Rick Dreezen came to a bad end. Our Belgian driver, jumped from the third row, was rear-ended at the first bend and had to withdraw. The World Championship has to be set aside, however even though the end was bitter, we have been fighting with leading technical material which undoubtedly is the strong focusing point for drivers and experts. Vortex RVZ engines, with its latest development step, are a technical guarantee for the future.

KZ rankings at : http://www.cikfia.com/fileadmin/content/Export/2013/Varennes/kz_results18.pdf