Junior Team wins the Wsk Nations Cup with Lock

WSK Nations Cup gave the last important prize to our Tony Kart Junior Team. Chris Lock won the demanding Final competition of the KF2 category. The British driver perfectly raced in the whole weekend, always at the top, and was able to wait for the right moment to come out with the winning attack, thus signing the first victory for the new Racer, EVRR, in KF2 category.

Lock gained the second place in the heats and a third and second position in the qualifying rounds. During the prefinal,  at the drive of the new EVRR, Paul Spencer’s driver took some time to study the situation with the aim of showing off during the final a mixture of determination and perfect strategy. After some rounds in which Lock just looked at the hard fight between Bailly, Baz, Lennox and Nortoft, our Junior Team’s driver then took the lead, standing up to the pressure of the several hardened chasers and successfully deserving the victory. Our Junior Team’s success was live on Rai Sat sport channel. Classifications proudly display how in the leading positions our driver was fighting with several drivers racing with his same material. In the first ten positions we find not less than four Tony Kart, one Kosmic Kart, one FA Kart and four Vortex engines. KF3 category saw a different situation, with Ippolito, driving a Tony Kart, leading the race first but unfortunately losing this position right after because of an electrical problem. By the way, Ippolito’s technical potential was clearly manifest with the best lap obtained during the final, 49.435. Kasai too, winner of the last WSK World Series’ event, lost some time due to a few collisions during the qualifying.


Paul Spencer – Team Manager of Tony Kart Junior Racing Team
“We achieved a prestigious success on the occasion of the WSK Nations Cup’s event, a very good way to end up this important season, in which we have always been protagonists, both in KF2 and in KF3 categories.Moreover we were also glad to bring the last Racer evolution, EVRR, to the success. This was a further satisfaction for us. In KF3 category we had any chance to win but unfortunately some accidents clipped our wings.”

Chris Lock – Tony Kart Junior Racing Team’s driver in KF2 category
“It was about at the tenth round I realised to be able to win, when I overtook Bailly and understood I could keep a fast rhythm. Anything was perfect and I did my best, not to be afraid of any attack of such fast and determined competitors.”