On the wings of a winning season, in which the World Championship KZ is the latest, magnificent and unforgettable, title won, the new Tony Kart chassis are coming.

Just homologated, Racer 401 and Krypton KSK are ready to keep up the emblem of the world karting Tony Kart brand, during the battles fought on the track.

RACER 401 Model:

The brand new model Tony Kart Racer 401, recently homologated, is the perfect combination of continuity and development. The Racer 401 keeps unchanged the best technical features that made its predecessor, Racer EVK, multi World Champion, but at the same time, it is a clear demonstration of innovation and product evolution. The name "Racer", the same as the previous model, indicates the link with the formidable predecessor. The number 401, which completes the name, emphasizes the newness of this model, characterized by the new and even more efficient, fairings M6 (new CIK-FIA homologation 2015-2020), born in the wind tunnel with a new and elegant look.
The frame is made of Ø 30mm molybdenum chrome steel tubes and allows a large number of adjustments. Height and the rigidity can be modified by means of special torsion bars, moreover the range of adjustment of camber and caster is wide thanks to uniball incorporated eccentric multi-hole washers.
The novelty of this model, top of Tony Kart range, also includes other important components such as modern and efficient OTK adjustable aluminium pedals and MXJ magnesium wheels, of recent production, born by important challenging and effective research and development studies.
KF version, based on the category in which it competes, can be equipped with the SA2 and SA3 braking system, with brake hoses “evolution” and DOT 5.1 lubricant.

KRYPTON 801 Model:

Even for Krypton 801, the name marks the clear will of innovation, while maintaining continuity with the success achieved already.
Krypton 801 has the frame made of Ø 32 mm molybdenum chrome steel tubes, so its height is adjustable both front and rear. Moreover it is supplied with two torsion bars, which allow to modify the rigidity.
The adjustment of camber and caster includes many options by means of uniball incorporated eccentric multi-hole washers. Krypton 801, like all other top-level models, is totally equipped with special magnesium OTK components.
In KF version you can choose between SA2 and SA3 braking systems, with brake hoses “evolution” and DOT 5.1 lubricant, depending on the category it competes in.
Modern OTK adjustable aluminium pedals and MXJ magnesium wheels of recent production complete the next-generation package.
The main element distinguishing new chassis models is OTK M6 new fairings (new CIK-FIA homologation 2015-2020), with a special Tony Kart design.

Both models, RACER 401 and KRYPTON 801, have a version in which the chassis and components are appropriate, and developed to make the most, in the categories with the gear. The frame design was conceived exclusively for KZ class, as well as any detail.
Among the elements distinguishing KZ models from those for categories without gear, is the BSS brake system and some particular components. All these details are the result of the hard work that led to victory in the World Championship of KZ category.